The Bookseller – Rights – Puffin gobbles up three ‘hilarious’ picture books by Kay and Paker


Puffin has gobbled up three “hilarious” picture books by Adam Kay and illustrator Henry Paker.

Publishing director Ruth Knowles acquired worldwide rights to Cathryn Summerhayes from Curtis Brown (for text, and Paul Moreton from Bell, Lomax, Moreton for illustrations). The first book, Amy gets eaten outwill be released on February 16, 2023.

Amy gets eaten out is aimed at very young readers. It follows Amy, a small piece of sweet corn who is eaten by Noah, an average-sized boy. The story follows Amy on her fun, gooey, and anatomically accurate adventure through the human body as she uncovers many facts about digestion.

Kay sold £2.05m for £13.1m. This will hurt (Picador) is his bestseller on 1.19 million copies sold in paperback, but children’s book Kay’s Anatomy (Puffin) has sold 87,849 copies in hardcover since the fall of 2020 (excluding weeks of confinement) and 60,254 in paperback. Kay’s Wonderful Medicine (Puffin) has sold 63,247 hardbacks and 3,216 paperbacks, which have only been released in recent weeks.

Kay said, “I think it’s the most fun I’ve ever had writing a book. Maybe it’s because I have a four-year-old’s sense of humor. Henry’s illustrations are wonderful, funny and just the right amount of gross – we’re thrilled to think that every possible poop question from three to five year olds around the world will soon be subbed to a piece of sweet corn called Amy.

Paker added: “It was an absolute joy to work with Adam on Kay’s Anatomy and Kay’s Wonderful Medicine and I am delighted that we now have the chance to reach young readers! With this book, we will deliver humor and heart and the occasional fart. I can’t wait to embark with Amy on an epic journey through the digestive tract. I will never look in the toilet again after pooping the same way. Everyone does that, right?

Francesca Dow, Puffin md, also commented, “We couldn’t be happier to publish Adam and Henry’s first picture books at Puffin. Adam is a genius at mixing laugh-out-loud silliness with essential non-fiction and Amy gets eaten out is a masterclass that showcases his unique talent, which pairs perfectly with Henry’s crazy illustrations. I can’t wait to see kids and adults fall in love with Amy as much as we do.”


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