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We have finally begun displaying our displays to celebrate the 101st anniversary of the opening of the Shepard-Pruden Memorial Library on February 2, 1921.

Mayor EI Warren of Edenton spoke on the occasion, noting, “This will allow every person in our community to enjoy the privilege of a well-selected public library that will strengthen us and enlighten us towards better citizenship; it will teach us to love our home and to be in sympathy with one another.

“That would, in itself, be worth more than our banks filled with gold and our bodies adorned with jewels. I cannot help but think that in opening the doors of such an edifice, which was built by our so much diligence and care and at such great sacrifice, would in itself interest our good people to join in its preservation and upkeep; and that the use of this library and things which may be connected with it, such as a local museum and a tea room for ladies, will be in the spotlight and in the interest of our town.

The Shepard-Pruden Memorial Library has preserved many documents from its early days. The first book purchased for the library was “Sue Orcott: A Sequel To The Orcutt Girls” by Charlotte Vaile for $1.75, which is unfamiliar to me.

The second book to join the collection was “Robinson Crusoe” by Daniel Defoe and the third addition was “Tom Sawyer”.

It seems poor “Sue Orcott” was the Twilight series of its day and was not meant to be a classic.

The average price of the first three books was around $2. This translates to about $30 today (the average price of a hardcover book today).

Stop by the library to see our debut of both the anniversary celebration and the library itself!

The Year We Learned to Fly – Jacqueline Woodson and Rafael Lopez

Cat Kid Comic Club Perspectives – Dav Pilkey

Magic Tree House: Snow Leopard Sunlight – Mary Pope Osborne

Press Start: Awesome Cheat Codes and Secret Modes! –Thomas Flintham

Shuri: Symbiosis – Nic Stone

Snow Leopards and Other Wild Cats – Mary Pope Osborne

What Was The Harlem Renaissance?

Who is Dale Earnhardt Jr?

Criminal Mischief – Stuart Woods

Invisible – Danielle Steel

The Paris Detective – James Patterson

Something to Hide – Elizabeth George

The Starless Crown – James Rollins

Go there – Katie Couric

The Murder of the Lost Colony on the Outer Banks – John Railey

The Patriots – Winston Groom

Chasing Shadows – Lynn AustinDown the Hatch – MC Beaton & RW Green

Game On – Janet Evanovitch

Jennifer Finlay is a librarian at the Shepard-Pruden Memorial Library.


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