Owensboro native releases first book, dystopian science fiction set in the distant future



Aaron Williams didn’t always want to be a writer. As someone who loved to draw and create characters in video games, his passion for writing came to college. Now he’s a published author.

The electric oath is a dystopian science fiction set in the distant future at the end of a dark second age.

“The technology of the past (our future – robots, weather control, genetic engineering) is heavily regulated by an oppressive, almost supernatural law called the Compact,” Williams said of the plot.

The story takes place in the eastern half of North America, called the Kingdom of New Prosperity in the book.

“The nation is in turmoil,” said Williams. “The weak king, a member of a 2,000-year-old dynasty that helped rebuild the world, sees his empire crumble. With the rebellion, the plots of his advisers and reports of monsters and witches, rogue scientists who abuse technology, he thinks there is no way out. A mysterious stranger tells him that ancient technology that once destroyed the world could save him. He fights temptation but with his family in danger, he thinks it is his last option.

This book is the first in a series, of which he hopes to release the second next year.

“The story I made up in 2010, but it was around 2015 that I started writing the buy-to-buy version – the one that gave me the confidence to take it to the world,” Williams said. . “I wrote some short stories that I never did anything with. Even though it is sci-fi, the story itself is presented as a fantasy / adventure more akin to Game of Thrones and The Witcher.

Williams said a New Zealand-based company designed the cover for his book.

The book is only available on Amazon, but Williams is hoping some local retailers will pick it up soon.

“It was in college after some creative writing homework when I decided this was my way of finally doing something with my creativity,” he said. “It’s hard to stand out when your book is literally one in a million. “



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