My toddler’s chosen hideout, or a place where she’s invisible to people making decisions about US COVID policy?


1. Standing still in a wide open closet.

2. At her pediatrician’s office, where she’s had nearly two dozen childhood vaccinations but still isn’t eligible for a covid vaccine.

3. Lying face down in the middle of the living room rug, whispering to herself, “Not ready, here we come!” and stand very still.

4. Lying on the living room rug flipping through picture books, not knowing what a library is because she’s never been there.

5. In an airplane seat on a flight to visit her grandparents, too small to keep a mask on her own face but breathing in the respiratory droplets of hundreds of adults who don’t wear a mask, thanks to the CDC and/or a judge in Florida.

6. At home in a children’s chair that she dragged next to another chair and called a “party” because she has no idea what a party is. .

7. Under the dining table and yelling, “Mom!” Under the table!”

8. Eating a cupcake at the table to celebrate her second birthday, a month after her second birthday. covid vaccine trials, unaware that in the time it took him to learn to walk, feed himself, have a conversation and change his own diaper, no one came out with a vaccine for a toddler.

9. On a bed (still at home) with his head under a blanket and the rest of his body visible, but motionless.

– – –

Hiding places: 1, 3, 7, 9
Places where it is invisible: All the foregoing


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