Library corner: Wag your tail and catnip kittens


At the start of the pandemic, when we were all being told to stay home, the Grand County Library District wanted to ensure that customer requests could be sent to waiting customers who were facing long days with nothing to To do.

Customers have been contacted, materials have been redirected to the Granby Library, and customers have collected materials safely at our drive-thru window.

One patron in particular stands out in my mind. Well, two, it turns out. As we talked about some favorite books and authors, a hairy little head appeared with beautifully groomed, sleek white hair neatly held in place with clips and a frantically wagging tail.

“Ah, Carlie is ready for her dog treat.”

I looked blankly at Carlie’s owner.

“Bottom left drawer.”

I leaned over and, sure enough, a box of dog treats was in the drawer. I handed Carlie her treat and she politely nodded in thanks before heading to her set of dog cars.

Although we don’t yet have a Catio, an outdoor patio where people can hang out at the library with a cat, Grand County Library District is connecting with our furry friends, and this week we’ll take a moment to honor National Pet Lovers Month.

It’s not uncommon to find young customers browsing juvenile nonfiction books, especially the pet-related Dewey Decimal 636-639 section. Whether it’s books about pet hedgehogs, turtles, or the responsibilities of a pet owner, the conversations shared are often about the persuasive arguments they develop to convince a wary parent or caregiver. .

“Hmm… Lizards eat crickets. It might be hard to get. But a turtle. Maybe a turtle is more reasonable.

Readers may recall some of my “Forced Family Fun” adventures using the Colorado State Park Pass. Now, when we check the pass, we also check for a dog backpack, so Nala Dog can carry his own treats.

Lucy Cat isn’t too fond of these family adventures, but perhaps Grand County’s most famous cat, Louie, frequently seen on ski trips and family hiking photos on Facebook, might enjoy exploring the new travel books in the 900 section for his next great adventure or enjoy a cuddle moment with a mysterious and cozy animal in the fiction section.

Lucy is much happier with the craft books I pick up for crocheting catnip toys. I’m not the only customer browsing the collection in search of handcrafted items that benefit my pets.

Many customers appreciate our collection of cookbooks filled with beautiful photos and recipes for all diets. This even extends to pet food diets (Section 630). Browse pet cookbooks in the healthy pet food or pet recipe categories in our online catalog, and many titles will pop up.

Nala received quite the treat a few years ago when a college student, Macy, made dog biscuits for patrons attending the Pet Etiquette and Wellness Seminar at the library. Alas, we missed Charlie’s Frozen Treats dog biscuits during last summer’s Tales and Tails summer reading program, but who knows how pets can be included in this summer’s reading program? year.

For the dog owners among you, come celebrate National Pet Lover Month by joining us at 2 p.m. on February 26 at the Fraser Valley Library with guest presenter, Heather from Moving Mountains Dog Training, who will give training tips for your dog.


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