How many Heartstopper books are there? (And how to read them in order)


We’re less than a week away from the release of one of Netflix’s most anticipated live-action adaptations of Alice Oseman’s online comic and graphic novel series, Heart stroke.

Netflix’s eight-part show, based on Volume 1 of Oseman’s work, tells a wonderful boy-and-boy love story that stars Its dark materials actor Kit Connor as Nick Nelson, a popular, kind, and kind high school student who strives to befriend Charlie Spring (newcomer Joe Locke). But as their friendship blossoms, the two begin to realize that there might be something more brewing between them.

The graphic novel series that explores identity, friendship, sanity, and love has been a hit with readers, and if you’re curious about the comics and also want to read them but you don’t know where to start, so don’t. worry because we have all the details for you below.

Heartstopper books: how to read and where to buy

the Heart stroke The books are a series of graphic novels written by award-winning YA author Alice Osema. The novels tell a wonderful coming-of-age story that follows the blossoming romance between Charlie and Nick as they “meet, become friends, and begin to fall in love.”

Currently there is four books in the series, which we recommend you read in order. Hopefully it’s pretty obvious that the best way to read the series is to follow the order of the volumes.

So, to start, you’ll want to pick up Favorite volume 1which was released in 2018, followed by Favorite volume 2, published in 2019, Favorite volume 3, published in 2020, then wrap up, you’ll want to end with Heartstopper Volume Four. Check out the links below to purchase the books!

Will there be a season 2 of Heartstopper?

Although nothing has been officially confirmed by Netflix or the series creator, we strongly believe that Heart stroke could potentially be turned into a running series. After all, it is strongly believed that Season 1 is based on Volume 1 of the graphic novels, so reason would dictate that Volumes 2-4 could be adapted as Netflix seasons as well.

However, it all depends on viewers’ responses once the first eight episodes hit the streamer on Friday, April 22.


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