DiMarzio: AC Milan gets cold on Tanganga, Reguilon


Now that Tottenham are mostly out of acquisition mode and offloading mode, you’d think we’d see a lot of players on the way out. It’s proving to be a bit more difficult than we all expected, mainly because, unlike Spurs, many European clubs simply don’t have much money at the moment (or, like Barcelona, ​​are contracting shady payday loans to balance their budget).

So, perhaps it shouldn’t be too surprising to see some of the reported links for some players on the fringes of Antonio Conte’s squad start to crumble with one month remaining in the window. Gianluca DiMarzio suggested in a post on his website yesterday that one of the most visible potential transfers could fall apart as AC Milan have cooled their interest in centre-back Japhet Tanganga and left-back Sergio Reguilon.

There is not much in the rumor. The article is actually about Renato Sanches, who Milan are now considering signing this summer, and at the end is a statement which suggests that Sanches, who can play as both a midfielder and a defender, is seen as a more flexible alternative to both. Tanganga and Reguilon.

Here is the relevant passage, in Italian and scanned by Google Translate:

[Sanches is] a flexible defender, able to play both centrally and from the back. In fact, Milan had the option of buying Tanganga as a CB and Reguilon as a left-back, but they eventually decided to switch to the former 1996 class member of Borussia Dortmund.

Well, that’s not great, is it? DiMarzio is absolutely one of the Italian football journalists you should pay attention to – he doesn’t understand everything (no one does) but he is absolutely one of the most reliable Italian media sources, especially when it comes to the two Milan clubs.

Reguilon’s previous links with Milan were more tenuous than Tanganga’s, and Reggie still has a number of links with other clubs (including, hilariously, the broke Barcelona). But Tanganga’s strongest link away from Spurs was in Milan, so it’s a setback for him and for Spurs if they actively try to offload him.

This does not mean that no player will be moved. I think both absolutely are, even if it’s just somewhere on loan. And it’s also important to note that Sanches is linked with PSG, so if he decides to go elsewhere, Milan could return for Tanganga later in the window.

But if DiMarzio is right, that’s a bummer, especially if Spurs try to move a few players around before making one or two more last-minute summer acquisitions.


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