Bristow’s parents concerned about explicit books in classrooms



Some parents in Bristow Public Schools are concerned that their children are reading books with graphic language.

These parents raised their concerns at the school board meeting on Monday evening.

There were so many people planned that the board moved the meeting places to the high school cafeteria.

Three parents ended up speaking to the council about their concerns.

Concerned parents say they’ve found a few dozen books in teachers’ classrooms that don’t match their idea of ​​Bristow’s community standards and shouldn’t be accessible to middle school students.

They say the books mention things like sex, rape, drug use, or use a lot of profanity.

Parents say they should have a say in whether or not these books are available and want the district to create and enforce higher standards.

Superintendent Curtis Shelton said the district has standards in place and while these issues have been circulating on social media for some time now, the board just received the list of the books in question on Monday evening.

It also asks parents to fill out review forms for books they do not find suitable for their children. He says it hasn’t been done yet and hopes that after tonight’s meeting parents will start submitting forms.

“Our people just care about the kids in school and the material we put in front of them. We can appreciate it,” he said.

“We are fortunate to have a supportive community behind our school system and we are ready to work with them. I’m just asking them to go through this process. Let’s go.”

He says staff will start looking at the list of books to see which ones meet and fail education standards.



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