Authors Seeking Supernatural Story Submissions for New Book, Haunted Innisfil


Local authors are looking for submissions on supernatural stories in Innisfil to include in their next book

Innisfil authors Amy Woodcock and Catherine Crow are looking for residents’ personal and supernatural stories to share in their new book, haunted innisfil.

“We ask for unusual stories,” Woodcock said, ranging from paranormal experiences to UFO sightings. “I want it to be focused so that it shines a light on the town of Innisfil.”

This will be the couple’s second book, after publishing haunted cookstown in 2014.

“Our first idea was to extend it (haunted cookstown) or make more of a fuss,” Woodcock said.

But after thinking about it, they decided to expand and include all of Innisfil, with community submissions.

“We would prefer the stories to come from the residents, so it’s part of their story as well.”

Their idea of haunted cookstown came as Woodcock attended a meeting of the Cookstown Chamber of Commerce in one of the village’s historic buildings. Inside, Woodcock said she could feel “the energy of a spirit”.

She had heard many haunted stories about the village over the years and came up with the idea to write a book about its history of paranormal activity, while offering guided ghost tours through the village in order to attract tourism. in the city.

She then contacted her good friend Crow, a retired teacher and ghost enthusiast, whom she had met in a local Facebook community group, to help her with the book and the tour.

Together they investigated buildings, homes and historic sites around the village with the guidance of medium Sheila Trecartin, a friend of Crow’s who worked in Cookstown and knew the area well.

“She was happy to help out and be part of the book,” Woodcock said.

Two locations from the book have appeared on APTN’s national television show, The other sidein the fall of 2018.

The couple organized a ghost walking tour in the village after the book’s release. The walk was popular among locals and tourists alike and became an annual event, selling out every year until COVID hit.

Some of the haunted spaces featured in the book and on the walk include the Curling Club and the South Simcoe Theater and the medium is said to share messages from spirits with guests.

“We actually made people cry on the march because they knew the people who died,” Woodcock said.

The couple hope to bring back the ghost walk this fall.

Woodcock is a full-time graphic designer. She also practices past-life hypnosis and recently obtained her certification in the practice.

“I find that very intriguing,” she said.

She and Crow also started their own publishing house, Woodcock and Crow Publishing. They recently published CTV Barrie News anchor Jayne Pritchard’s book about her battle with cancer.

“She (Pritchard) hired us, Cate did the editing and I did the layout and graphic design; we’re a good team,” Woodcock said.

The deadline for submitting stories (that have never been published before) for haunted innisfil is April 30. They can be sent to

Their first book, haunted cookstowncan be purchased on Amazon.


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