Author Rick Bleiweiss Debuts Mystery Novel “Sprocket Scorbion & The Barbershop Detectives” as One of Amazon’s Editors’ Choice for Best Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense


Author Rick Bleiweiss publishes a new murder mystery novel: ‘Pignon Scorbion & The Barbershop Detectives’ with Blackstone Publishing, which fans of Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot will love – with a LIVE virtual book discussion event taking place today today by The Poisoned Pen Bookstore via Facebook Live at 4:30 p.m. PST.

NEW YORK, February 8, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Author, Editor, and Former Music Industry Executive Rick Bleiweiss announces the release of its highly anticipated crime novel, “Pignon Scorbion & The Barbershop Detectives” (Blackstone Publishing, February 8, 2022, hardcover and e-book, and future audiobook). This new book was just selected as one of Amazon’s Editors’ Choice for “Best Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense,” as well as one of Publishers Weekly’s Best New Mysteries and Pacific Northwest’s Buzz Book. Booksellers Association.

For fans of sherlock holmes and Agatha Christie Hercule PoirotBleiweiss’ new novel features his eccentric character of Chief Inspector of Police Pignon Scorbion and six unlikely amateur sleuths who help him solve crimes in a 1910 Downton Abbey-era town. England – a hairdressing salon.

”Bleiweiss’ novel is a worthy addition to the tradition of Conan Doyle and Christy. Holmes and Poirot, make room for Pignon Scorbion.” —Reed Farrel Coleman, New York Times bestselling author of What You Break

To provide pure entertainment and a few hours of escape from the many stresses in today’s world, fans will be delighted by the author’s lighter approach to thriller storytelling. Readers will love Chief Inspector of Police Pignon Scorbion’s style, teamwork approach and unexpected twists while solving three main crimes roughly described as:

  • The Fortune Seeker

  • Murder at the Circus

  • Crime of passion

And in sync with the book launch, new silhouettes of the main characters are revealed today, including from left to right in the main band graphic:

  • Barnabus – A tall, red-haired barber who has a long, furry crimson beard.

  • Yves – A transplanted French barber, who has to stand on a crate to cut hair.

  • Calvin Brown – Owner of Brown’s Barbershop, where Pignon solves crimes.

  • Scorbion Gear – Chief Inspector of Haxford Police, Englandwho is an extraordinary detective and friend of Dr. John Watson (sherlock holmes).

  • Thelma Smith: Owner of Books on The Square, independent, educated, bright and attractive (and Scorbion lover).

  • Billy Arthurson: Young reporter from the Haxford Morning News, who documents the crimes as they unfold.

  • Thomas Worth: A barber in his twenties, who also assists Scorbion.

This murder mystery novel is released in sync with the new movie “Death on the Nile” (February 11, 2022) looking at Kenneth Branagh like Hercule Poirot. Comparing these main characters, Bleiweiss explains; “Two of the greatest detectives of the early 20th century, Hercule Poirot and Pignon Scorbion, shared a number of traits in common, but they differed widely in many respects. They were kindred spirits in that they were both meticulous, detail-oriented, leaned on their brains rather than their brawn, and belonged to the same era and the same continent. However, despite these similarities and the successes each achieved, they were not alike at all in many ways.”

Bleiweiss then expands on the differences, “Hercule Poirot was of Belgian descent, was born and raised in Belgiummoved to London when he was an adult and remained in this town thereafter. In comparison, Pignon Scorbion was born in Parisand moved to London when he was two years old with his parents (of Egyptian and Haitian descent). As an adult, Pignon left London and spent his life in the English countryside.”

And in what is rare for a first novel, “Pignon Scorbion & The Barbershop Detectives” has been loved and trusted by best-selling and award-winning authors across multiple genres: mystery, historical fiction, romance, military fiction, general fiction. and more. Book mentions include Heather Graham, Shelley Berger Gray, Rex Pickett, Amanda Flower, Reed Farrel Coleman, Natasha BoydPamela Binnings Ewen, James WadeAndrew & Wilson, Robert Arellano, Nancy Pickard, Dick Lochte, Eric Maikranzand Edwin Battistelle – who will post virtually all about the book today to their social media followers. Other successful authors who will also do so include Catherine Couter, Jennifer Dornbush and Beth Albright among others.

In addition to already writing the second book in this series, author Rick Bleiweiss is launching his new novel with a live virtual book discussion event today at Poisoned Pen Bookstore (February 8, 2022, 4:30 p.m. PST) and a transmedia storytelling approach. Fans can fully immerse themselves in this mystery through the book, video game app, theme song, book trailer, video series, audiobook, merchandise and more.

“Scorbion Sprocket and the Barber Shop Detectives”




LIVE BOOK TALK VIRTUAL EVENT – Tuesday, February 8, 2022, 4:30 p.m. PST
Rick Bleiweiss discusses Pignon Scorbion and the barbershop detectives
Hosted by The Poisoned Pen Bookstore
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ON: Rick Bleiweiss (New York, New Yorkand Ashland, OR) is a GRAMMY-nominated author, publishing executive, former music industry executive and record producer, who is publishing his first novel, “Pignon Scorbion & The Barbershop Detectives” (February 8, 2022). Bleiweiss began his music career as a rock performer, producer of over fifty records, songwriter and senior record company executive in New York City. Bleiweiss has worked with music industry legends including Clive Davis, Melissa Etheridgethe Backstreet Boys, Kiss, U2, whitney houston, the BeeGees and many more. Since 2006, as the head of a publishing house, Bleiweiss has acquired works by best-selling and award-winning authors, including Rex Pickett (“Next to”), James Clavel (“Shogun”), PC Cast (“House of Night”), Gabriel García Márquez (Nobel Prize for Literature 1982), Leon Uris (“Exodus”), Natasha Boyd (“The Indigo Girl”), Andrews & Wilson (“Tier One”) and Nicholas Sansbury Smith (“Hell Divers”), among others. In his latest creative endeavor, Rick has crafted the historical mystery series “Pignon Scorbion” – blending his love of the past with the twisty delight of a thriller. As fun facts, the author created the first “Your Name in Lights on Broadway” promotion in Times Square, and was most influenced by his travels to England when developing his sherlock holmes-type character and book series “Pignon Scorbion”. For the latest news, follow @rickbleiweissauthor on Instagram and/or visit

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