Alexis Lemoine, Beausoleil Books & Whisper Room



Beausoleil Books & Whisper Room is on a street in downtown Lafayette, Louisiana, dotted with shops, restaurants, and dive sites. The store has an exterior unique to this southern city, including the various pride flags it flies.

This store first opened in October 2020 and has managed to survive throughout the pandemic. Manager Alexis Lemoine joined the team in January after leaving her former position as bartender.

“The bartender was fun, but it wasn’t rewarding and the lockdown helped me see it. I wasn’t sure what I would be doing in terms of a career, so this opportunity presented itself.”

Lemoine is originally from Louisiana, who grew up in Alexandria and moved to Lafayette 10 years ago. A former University of Louisiana Lafayette student in psychology, the time spent in confinement allowed her to focus more on her goals of practicing holistic medicine and mental health.

“I think we all learned a new meaning for boundaries during that time. It was a time of politics and very strong opinions honestly. I distanced myself socially for my physical health and emotionally for my mental.”

Lemoine anticipates the next phase of her life and hopes to leave Louisiana to see what else is for her.

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