Alberton North’s book tells a love story



Christian Zasalu, who uses Chriss Zas as his pen name, takes readers back to a time when social media was not involved in relationships through his book of love stories titled Anastasia.

Writing, which has always been his desire, became his main profession soon after college; he had studied engineering, concentrating on electronics.

Writer Alberton North, 30, is a writer of Congolese origin who came to South Africa in 2012 to continue his education.

His writing journey began in elementary school, where he began with poetry, not realizing that he would one day become an established author.

As he grew older, life experiences and his surroundings led him to start writing real plays, from fiction to non-fiction. He has since published two eBooks. His most recent Anastasie takes readers through a love story.

“This is fiction. My inspiration for this love story was based on many things, such as relationships with young people, difficult choices and various challenges among young people.

“Anastasia in itself is the story of a young woman who was previously repelled by jumping into the pool of love or relationship based on what she heard or saw from other people,” he said. -he declares.

According to Christian, the character in the book ended up falling for a man who was his sister’s ex-boyfriend.

“This is when the story gets intense as she had to make a choice between listening to her sister’s advice or continuing to like the guy. My target market is anyone who likes to read, but I would like to attract the attention of young people because the heart of the book is made of what young people do throughout their daily lives, ”he said.

He said the book’s benefit goes far beyond a simple love story, but contains a lesson in life.

“Sometimes we don’t always make things happen, sometimes we are also victims of life’s circumstances. But the most important thing is to deal with current situations with everything we have on hand. The book was published by Ukiyoto Publishing, a Canadian company, ”said Christian.



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